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Welcome to Run to God Ministries based in Powder Springs! We are passionate about bringing families together, transforming lives, and uplifting humanity. Our programs provide authentic guidance and support for individuals and families seeking to create lasting change. We aim to create a sense of family unity, personal transformation, and the empowerment of individuals and their spouses. We provide a 'Place of Refuge and Safety' for those who are seeking help and healing from sin, dysfunction and hurt. Our team provides guidance and support to help remove fears and doubts from the lives of individuals.
We are proud to offer our Run to God Homeschooling Program, which helps parents instill love and discipline in their children's education. Our Youth Empowerment Mentorship Program helps young people develop strong values, positive mindset shifts, and compassionate hearts. Additionally, our Grief Support Group and Parenting Support Group provide healing and support to those dealing with emotional issues.
We are committed to helping families break free from the bonds of ignorance, poverty, and dysfunction and experience the authentic love of our Father God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Join us on our journey to love God, love each other, and help release new ideas, opinions, and talents that were trapped under confusion, fear, and sin.
Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to serve the community? Come and join us! We are a black-owned and female-owned non-profit ministry, and our programs are tailored to making sure that no one is left behind in their daily struggles. Our mission statement is to offer a unique experience of love, acceptance, and inspiration through special programs that empower people and families in their times of need.
We are driven by the desire to end family poverty, offering mentorship, support groups, and opportunities to build healthier relationships with all members. Since 2015, we have been committed to making sure that no family gets left behind in a dysfunctional state. So if you are looking for a way to transform lives and create a better world, call us today at (678) 401-2379 to learn about how you can get involved with making a difference. We can't wait to hear from you! Together, we can grow and flourish for the glory of God.

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